Statement from Leader Currie Dixon on the Signing of a New CASA

“It is clear why the NDP signed this deal: they get most of their platform implemented despite receiving the fewest number of votes and fewest seats in the Legislature. They also get to keep the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the agreement allocates to staff the NDP office – which is a clear financial incentive for the NDP to sign the agreement.

New Premier Needs to Deliver On Bid Tendering Commitment

WHITEHORSE – Yukon Party Official Opposition MLA Stacey Hassard is calling on the new premier to deliver on his transparency commitment to Yukon contractors. During the Yukon Chamber of Commerce debate in the 2021 territorial election, the new premier agreed the opening of tenders with contractors in the room seemed like a good idea and committed his party to act on it. So far, this policy has not come to fruition leaving contractors questioning the process.

Statistics Show Spike in Public Sector Growth

WHITEHORSE – The latest job numbers from the Yukon Bureau of Statistics (YBS), show that over the past six years, the number of jobs in the public sector has shot up, while numbers in the private sector shrink.

Yukon Party Calls for a Public Meeting to Discuss Bill C-21

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition is calling on the federal Minister of Public Safety, Marco Mendicino, to hold a public meeting or meetings that will include the voices of all Yukoners concerned about proposed federal firearms legislation, including those from rural Yukon, so they can share their views.

Numbers Show Liberal Inflation Response Not Working

WHITEHORSE – Recent data from the Yukon Bureau of Statistics (YBS) confirms the territorial Liberal response to rising everyday costs is failing. Life continues to get more unaffordable under the Liberal government.

Unresolved Mining Issues Abound as New Premier heads for Roundup

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon’s new premier has several issues to deal with on the mining file as he prepares for his first Association for Mineral Exploration BC Roundup in the top job. Many of these were his own creation as Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources in the previous mandate while some are left over from the former premier.

Liberals Create Impasse with Government Workers

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition hopes changing the minister responsible for the Public Service Commission is sufficient to repair the damaged relationship with the Public Service Alliance of Canada/Yukon Employees Union (PSAC/YEU) and is calling for the Liberal government to get back to the negotiating table.

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