Liberal Government Continues to Lead Canada’s Inflation Numbers

WHITEHORSE – The latest numbers from the Yukon Bureau of Statistics (YBS) show inflation in Whitehorse remains high. In fact, it is the highest in the country for the third month in a row. This shows the Liberals’ limited attempts over the past year to help tackle inflation are not working.

Community Services Minister Uncertain Over Release of Whistle Bend Lots

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition is once again questioning the Minister of Community Services over his failure to get new lots to market in the Yukon. Despite numerous promised timelines, the Minister has furthered delayed the construction of new lots in Phase 9 of Whistle Bend.

Construction Delayed on École Whitehorse Elementary School

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition raised questions about changes to the previously announced replacement for École Whitehorse Elementary School (EWES). The five-year capital plan now shows the Liberal government has delayed construction timelines for the new school and anticipates earliest completion in 2028.

Environment Minister Breaks New Yukon Campground Promise to Yukoners

WHITEHORSE – Last spring, the Minister of Environment told Yukoners they should get excited about the work underway to select a new campground location. The 2020 Yukon Parks Strategy, unveiled after consultation with a cross-section of Yukoners including First Nations, called for a recreation park within two hours of Whitehorse that would contain up to 150 campsites among other amenities.

Numbers Show Liberals’ Inflation Measures Not Working

WHITEHORSE – It is now clear to Yukoners the Liberal government’s inflation measures have been largely ineffective in limiting the impacts of rising costs compared to other jurisdictions. Numbers from the Yukon Bureau of Statistics (YBS) show Yukoners are dealing with the highest cost of living jump in the country.

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