Letter to the Editor from Leader Currie Dixon

While the price of fuel has been steadily increasing over the past several months, the recent jump above 2.00 dollars a litre for regular gasoline was crushing for many Yukoners. The surging price of gas and diesel is having a real impact on the life of just about every single Yukoner. Fuel prices have obvious direct impacts on Yukoners’ everyday cost of living, as the vast majority rely on vehicles for transportation; but there are also indirect impacts that are concerning.

Premier Silver Needs to Outline Rules for Leadership Succession

WHITEHORSE – As Liberal Cabinet Ministers appear to be ramping up their respective campaigns to replace Sandy Silver as Leader of the territory’s Liberal Party, it is important that he publicly set out rules for Ministers who are seeking the leadership.

Klondike Tourism Operators Let Down by Liberal Government

WHITEHORSE – During the spring sitting, the Yukon’s tourism minister assured operators after two years of closure, the Little Gold-Poker Creek border crossing connecting Canada and the U.S. via the Top of the World Highway would be “open as normal” for the summer.

Nisutlin Bay Bridge Project $135 Million Over Budget

WHITEHORSE – On May 5, the Government of Yukon awarded the contract for the construction of a new Nisutlin Bay Bridge. The value of the contract is $160 million. This is a staggering $135 million over the original budget for the project.

Clarification Needed Over Government’s Flood Preparation

WHITEHORSE - In February, the Yukon Party called for the Liberal government to work with communities to prepare for this upcoming flood season. In addition, the party presented several community-based solutions to help prepare for any potential flooding this year in light of heavy snow this winter.

Liberals Need to Provide More Resources for Policing Priorities

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition calls on the Deputy Premier to ensure that the RCMP have the proper resources to deliver the newly announced policing priorities. The party thanks the Yukon Police Council, community partners, and the Department of Justice for their efforts in determining the priorities for 2022-2023.

Liberals Out Of Touch With Struggles of Yukoners

WHITEHORSE – The 2022 Spring Sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly concluded with the NDP propping up the out-of-touch Liberals and passing a budget that was outdated before it was even introduced.

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