Haines Junction Welcomes Completion of Trans Canada Trail

HAINES JUNCTION – On Tuesday, a ceremony was held at the St. Elias Convention Centre to mark the completion of the Trans Canada Trail. The trail, which started construction in 1992 as part of Canada’s 125th birthday celebrations, connects Haines Junction to Pine Lake.

Liberal Inaction Set to Leave Many Yukoners Freezing This Winter

WHITEHORSE – Yukon firewood producers and those who utilize wood as their main source of heat have been pleading with the Liberal government to get firewood-cutting permits out the door, and to plan for harvesting areas. Unfortunately, thanks to the Liberals not addressing this issue, the Yukon is heading for another winter where firewood delivery will be scarce.

ArriveCAN App Needs to Depart

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition is calling for the Federal government to discontinue the use of the ineffective ArriveCAN app. We encourage the territorial Liberals to join our call to end the program.

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