Yukon Party Commits to Communauté francophone du Yukon

WHITEHORSE – A Yukon Party government will work with l’Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY) to identify the priorities of the Francophone community and avenues to ensure improved action and quality of life for Francophones throughout the territory.

Yukon Party Will Introduce Slow Down, Move Over Legislation

WHITEHORSE – A Yukon Party government is committed to the safety and security of all Yukoners and to help achieve this, will immediately develop legislation to increase road and highway safety if elected on Monday, April 12.

Yukon Party Will Build Opportunities in the Skilled Trades

WHITEHORSE – Skilled trades continue to be in demand throughout the territory and will be essential to the Yukon’s future prosperity. To provide the Yukon with a path forward towards economic recovery, a Yukon Party government will take Action for a Change and create a Skills for Jobs Task Force.

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