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Donations can be made by individuals or businesses and there is no limit to the amount you can donate.

The maximum annual tax credit is $650, which results from a contribution of $1,275 or more. The credit amount is calculated as the sum of:
• 75% of the first $400 of contributions
• 50% of the next $350 of contributions
• 33.33% of the next $525 of contributions.

Tax receipts are issued by March for the preceding tax year, or within 90 days of an election.

Contributions of $250.01 or more are reported publicly. 

Contributions made to a party are aggregated (totalled) for a calendar year. If the total of all annual contributions plus all campaign contributions to a particular party exceeds $250 in the calendar year, the contributor’s information will be publicly disclosed. Aggregation for reporting purposes does not occur between the party and its candidate(s), between two or more parties, or between the candidate(s) for a particular party. Candidates’ campaigns and the party’s campaign are reported as separate events.