Yukon Party Ensures Action to Address Yukoners’ Mental Wellness

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party team recognizes how the pandemic has highlighted the need for improved supports for Yukoners’ mental health and well-being. The party will implement measures and programs to address this, including action, surrounding the territory’s opioid crisis.

Yukon Party Announces Universal Childcare Plan

WHITEHORSE – Today, the Yukon Party announced its comprehensive action plan to improve the early childhood education system and provide universal support to all parents regardless of the type of childcare they choose for their children.

Yukon Party to Expand Coverage of Shingrix Vaccine

WHITEHORSE – A publicly-funded vaccine to help the prevention of shingles for Yukoners is now available. At present, the Yukon government only covers those aged 65 to 70 even though Health Canada recommends it be provided to everyone 50 and older. The Yukon Party will take Action for a Change to fix this.

Yukon Party to Regulate Psychology

WHITEHORSE – As part of the Yukon Party’s commitment to improved mental wellness for Yukoners throughout the territory, Leader Currie Dixon will work with the Psychological Society of Yukon to introduce a regulatory framework for these critical healthcare providers.

Creating Green Jobs to Stimulate Recovery

WHITEHORSE – Nowhere is the connection between the environment and the economy more apparent than when it comes to climate change. Significant investments in energy efficiency retrofits have created a growing industry that not only reduces greenhouse gases but creates more economic opportunities and jobs.

Yukon Party Announces Education Recovery Plan

WHITEHORSE – The pandemic has hit students, families, and teachers hard. Students are not only dealing with the stress of the pandemic but also trying to navigate the process of getting an education that is usually delivered in-person.

Infrastructure Key Part of Economic Recovery and Future

MT. SIMA INDUSTRIAL PARK, YUKON – The Yukon Party team is announcing another plank in their plan to give Yukoners Action for a Change and lead the territory out of the pandemic and into a prosperous future.

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