Yukon Party to Replace Ailing Ross River School

WHITEHORSE – As part of a long-term School Revitalization Plan, in concert with school councils, the Ross River Dena Council and other key members of the community, a Yukon Party government would immediately begin the process of replacing the beleaguered Ross River School.

This in stark contrast to the current government’s plan to spend $11 million over the next five years to try and prop up a compromised structure.

The school has been plagued with serious foundation issues since it was built two decades ago. More recently, it has been infested with bats, with numerous of the animals nesting and defecating outside the school. The current government’s response was to erect a snow fence around part of the school to separate the students andeducators from the feces.

“The effective delivery of education requires safe, healthy and appropriate physical space,” said Stacey Hassard, the Yukon Party candidate for Pelly-Nisutlin. “The community of Ross River needs to know that its children are valued. A Yukon Partygovernment will fulfill its responsibility to make sure that the school building is safe. That can only happen with new construction. We will work with the Ross River Dena Council, the community, and with Ross River’s school community and leaders, to build a new school as opposed to providing inadequate band-aid approaches.”

The 2021 territorial general election will be held on Monday, April 12. Advanced polling dates have been announced for Sunday, April 4 and Monday, April 5, 2021.

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