Yukon Party Releases Wildlife Management Platform

WHITEHORSE – Yukoners love the land. We get out and enjoy nature in a respectful and sustainable manner.

This is why a Yukon Party government will bring a collaboratively managed, science-based approach to fish and wildlife management in the territory. One that respects the Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA) and the territory’s important culture of hunting, fishing, and trapping.

It will also strengthen Yukoners’ ability to enjoy the territory’s unparalleled wilderness opportunities.

“The current government has eroded trust with the hunting, angling, and trapping community and undermined confidence in the Yukon’s fish and wildlife management system,” said Kluane Candidate Wade Istchenko. “A Yukon Party government will work with Yukon First Nations and the hunting and angling community to improve stewardship, provide greater certainty and clarity and uphold Yukoners’ values surrounding our world-class wilderness.”

In order to fulfill Yukoners’ shared goal of fostering an environment in which citizens can continue to enjoy their culture of hunting, fishing, and trapping, while maintaining healthy and abundant fish and wildlife populations, a Yukon Party government will work in partnership to:

  • Recommit the territorial government to a science-based approach to fish and wildlife management, which integrates traditional knowledge and is grounded in the commitment to co-management with Yukon First Nations governments as outlined in Chapter 16 of the UFA.

  • Recognize that the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board and the Renewable Resource Councils are the primary instruments of fish and wildlife management in the territory.

  • Work collaboratively with Yukon First Nations governments to improve stewardship, certainty and clarity for hunters and anglers within their respective traditional territories.

  • Direct funds collected from licenses, fees, and seals to a newly created Conservation Partnership Fund for habitat and ungulate enhancement and wildlife population support.

    • This fund would be available to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), RRCs and other conservation organizations and once created, a Yukon Party government would work with all interested parties to review the fee structure.

  • Increase funding and resources for wildlife surveys and data collection to ensure that decisions are based upon the best, most recent available information.

  • Institute a mandatory review of any new zone closure, restriction, or other regulation amendment which reduced hunting opportunities for Yukoners once the management action has been taken to:

    • Ensure that restrictions do not necessarily become permanent and place onus on the territorial government to demonstrate if, and if so how, they are working.

  • Immediately re-build and repair the relationship with the Yukon Fish and Game Association to:

    • Restore the 25 per cent funding cut implemented in 2020 by the current government.

    • Ensure that no future funding agreements contain “gag orders” upon any organizations as proposed by the current government.

“Our territory’s First Nations and our hunters, anglers and trappers offer valuable, first-hand experience of the land,” added Istchenko. “They have a deep appreciation and respect for conservation and are responsible environmental stewards. That is why a Yukon Party government will work with them as true partners for the benefit of future generations.”

The 2021 territorial general election will be held on Monday, April 12. Advanced polling dates have been announced for Sunday, April 4 and Monday, April 5, 2021.

To learn more about the Yukon Party and its campaign outlining Action for a Change, please visit www.yukonparty.ca.


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