Yukon Party Plan to Support Small Business

WHITEHORSE – As part of the Yukon Party’s platform to provide Yukoners with Action for a Change and a clear path forward toward economic recovery, Leader Currie Dixon is unveiling his plan to support small business through the Red Tape Modernization Action Plan.

“Reducing red tape is one of the best ways that government can help businesses thrive, especially during this time of economic disruption caused by the pandemic,” said Dixon. “The Yukon Party team wants to create favorable conditions for all businesses by supporting and fostering a climate of certainty and accountability.”

The Yukon Party’s Red Tape Modernization Action Plan will:

  • Create a One for One Rule, requiring government to manage the growth of the regulatory burden on businesses, without compromising health, safety or legal obligations. Government will be required to offset new administrative burden costs imposed on business with equal reductions in administrative burden from the stock of existing regulations. They will also have to remove a regulation when a new one increases administrative burden costs on business. This will ensure that government acts thoughtfully and carefully about the need for new regulations on small businesses before implementing them. As with the federal government, exemptions will be granted if compliance with the rule would compromise health, safety, or legal obligations.

  • Introduce a Small Business Lens to the regulatory development process, which will require government to specifically consider the impact regulations have on small business. This assessment will include the publication of a checklist that drives efforts to minimize burden on small business, an assessment of what efforts have been done to avoid bureaucratic duplication and a requirement of communication of regulatory requirements in clear, plain language.

  • The creation of a Forward Regulatory Plan which will be a biennial publication that will highlight upcoming regulatory changes over a 24-month period from each department, providing businesses with predictability and certainty that will be critical to the economic recovery of the territory.

  • Require all future regulatory development to include a Regulatory Impact Analysis to summarizes the evidence-based impacts of proposed regulation(s) – including the anticipated financial impacts on businesses.

  • Undertake a comprehensive measure of the current regulatory burden and report to Yukoners annually on government’s progress in Red Tape Modernization.

  • Implement service standards to set targets for the timely and predictable issuance of territorial government licenses and permits.

“A Yukon Party government will take action to create the conditions for small businesses to thrive then get out of the way and let them create jobs and contribute to our community,” added Dixon. “Small businesses will be key to rebuilding the territory and our team is ready to bring in fresh thinking on how we can support them.”

The 2021 territorial general election will be held on Monday, April 12. Advanced polling dates have been announced for Sunday, April 4 and Monday, April 5, 2021.

To learn more about the Yukon Party and its campaign outlining Action for a Change, please visit www.yukonparty.ca.


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