Yukon Party Focused Spring Sitting Issues on the Needs of Yukoners

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition successfully pushed the concerns and priorities of Yukoners during the spring sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Yukon Party MLAs looked for action on many issues highlighted as priorities by Yukoners, and Yukon businesses and organizations.

On the eve of the sitting, Yukon Party Leader Currie Dixon shared that he was looking for a clear vision from the Premier and new ideas.

“We continue to hear from business owners about the growing obstacles to their success, so we were hoping to see a vision from the Premier explaining why he made the new deal with the NDP, other than simply staying in power,” Dixon said. “Unfortunately, we saw more of the same from this Liberal Premier. He has the same ministers and same way of doing business, and the only new ideas come from the NDP and the Confidence and Supply Agreement.”

Whether it was questions over healthcare waitlists, funding for the hospital, the cost of living, policies stemming from the Confidence and Supply Agreement, the lack of land to build a home, the funding gaps on many capital projects, or whether a new school would displace softball diamonds, the Yukon Party looked for action to address the concerns of Yukoners.

The Yukon Party also challenged the Premier’s failing Liberal energy strategy. Alarmingly, the territorial Liberals have hinged the Yukon’s energy future on projects that are delayed, over budget, or years away from fruition, and have no choice but to continue renting diesel generators indefinitely to meet the Yukon’s energy shortfall.

“Yukon Party MLAs will continue to do our job as the Official Opposition and challenge the decision-making of this Liberal government,” said Dixon. “The Liberals have been in power for seven years and appear out of steam, out of new ideas, and out of touch with Yukoners.”

As spring turns into summer, Yukon Party MLAs will head back into their communities to hear feedback on how the sitting went, and gather concerns from constituents in preparation to bring forward during the fall sitting.


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
(867) 689-7874

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