Statement from MLA Yvonne Clarke on a Dawson Family Seeking a Medical Travel Subsidy

“Since last fall, the Verdeflor family has kept me apprised of the situation they are facing, and I share their frustrations. It is understandable that they went public with their struggles to obtain a medical travel subsidy from the Yukon government to stay with their 8-year child in Whitehorse, per the recommendation of the child’s physician treating his leukemia.

“As the family had yet to hear from Minister McPhee on whether they would be granted the medical travel subsidy, our office followed up with the minister’s assistant, asking that her office let me know once a decision had been made. To date, I have not heard back from the minister’s office that a decision has been made, and to the best of my knowledge, neither has the Verdeflor family.

“This is a situation where common sense needs to prevail to ensure a child gets the proper care they need as per a physician’s recommendation. I am calling on the minister to do the right thing, provide a response to the Verdeflor family, and ensure the Yukon government supports a Yukon family following the direction of their child’s primary physician.

“This is already a stressful situation for the family, and the government should not be adding to that stress.”


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