Statement from Leader Currie Dixon on the Signing of a New CASA

“It is clear why the NDP signed this deal: they get most of their platform implemented despite receiving the fewest number of votes and fewest seats in the Legislature. They also get to keep the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the agreement allocates to staff the NDP office – which is a clear financial incentive for the NDP to sign the agreement.

“But I was a bit surprised that the new premier signed the agreement. He has always made the pitch that he was one of the few remaining fiscally responsible, pro-business Liberals. In signing this agreement, he is trading away any credibility he had for two more years of power. It is clear that being in power meant more to him than his own credibility or personal views.

“Ultimately, Yukoners should be disappointed. This was not on the ballot when Yukoners went to the polls in April of 2021. No one elected this premier. No one voted for this agenda. There is no mandate for any of this, and this is not what Yukoners asked for.

“All this does is ensure two more years of the status quo instead of giving Yukoners a choice about who they want to lead this territory and how they want the direction of government to go.

“The Yukon Party Official Opposition will continue to hold the Liberals and NDP to account, and bring the voices and concerns of Yukoners to the floor of the Legislative Assembly.”


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