Statement from Currie Dixon on Longtime YFGA Volunteer Walter Huebschwerlen

“I would like to congratulate Walter Huebschwerlen on his 40 years of service to the Yukon’s hunting and fishing community as a volunteer director for the Yukon Fish and Game Association.

“I know that Walter cares deeply about the conservation and preservation of Yukon fish and game which is evident in his longstanding support of the association.

“In addition to his advocacy and promotion of recreational opportunities and preserving the Yukon way of life, Walter has served on the board of directors. He recently announced his retirement from the board and was bestowed with the title ‘Director Emeritus’ by the YFGA. It is a much-deserved honour for someone who has given so much to one group. His impact on the YFGA will be felt for years to come.

“Thank you for making the outdoors a better place for all Yukoners and enjoy your retirement.”


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