Premier’s Interview on Yukon Nominee Program Sparks Questions

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition is asking the Premier to clear the air over his accusations in a CBC Yukon interview on pausing applications to the Yukon Nominee Program. On June 3, Premier Ranj Pillai accused the media and a Whitehorse business owner of ‘spreading misinformation’ about the program.

On May 16, the premier announced the nominee program would not accept further applications as the program had reached the maximum number of applications for the year. The announcement noted applications would still be accepted for rural Yukon.

Media reported on the story and sought comment from a local business owner who expressed concern and asked his own questions. The premier then went on CBC Yukon and made his allegations against the media and the business owner. The premier also blamed the federal government for capping the number of applications.

The premier’s interview appeared to provide information inconsistent with the May 16 announcement and has caused further confusion with businesses and Yukoners who rely on this program.

Some questions arising from the interview include:

  • The announcement indicated Whitehorse applications were being shut down because of a backlog of applications, however, the Premier claimed it was because of the cap. Which is accurate?
  • Why is the government still accepting applications for rural Yukon if a cap is the reason Whitehorse shut down?
  • How did the Yukon get to 600 applications, if the cap is 430? 
  • Why was this not an issue last year when the allocations were surpassed?

“It is concerning to see so many questions around a program that is so important to businesses and Yukoners,” said Leader Currie Dixon. “It is equally concerning to see the Premier go on local radio and attack the media and a private business owner. I hope the premier will clear the air and apologize to the business owner and media outlets.”


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
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