No Joke: Liberal Carbon Tax Set to Increase on April 1

WHITEHORSE – In the face of record levels of inflation and skyrocketing costs of living, the Liberal carbon tax is set to increase by 25 percent on April 1.

Yukoners are already facing rising costs that make life more unaffordable and difficult. As a result, the Yukon Party is calling on the Liberal government to stop punishing Yukoners and to pause or cancel this increase.

“Yukoners are struggling with the rising cost of housing, food, and gas,” said Yukon Party Leader Currie Dixon. “Now is not the time to further increase the financial burden on these families. The Yukon Party has long been opposed to the federal carbon tax and has been clear that if the Liberals insist on forcing it on Yukoners, then there needs to be exemptions to things such as home heating fuel.”

In addition to pausing or cancelling Friday’s carbon tax increase, the Yukon Party is calling on the Government of Yukon to provide further cost-of-living relief for Yukoners. This relief package would include the waiving of the territorial fuel tax and the territorial insurance tax for this year.

Combined with the carbon tax, both the fuel and insurance tax contribute to making life more expensive for Yukoners including by increasing the cost of food and housing. This relief package of cutting the fuel and insurance tax would put $13.6 million directly back into the pockets of Yukoners, and a halting of the carbon tax hike would result in further savings.


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
(867) 689-7874

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