Liberals Lock the Yukon Into a Rented Diesel Future

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Utilities Board (YUB) has confirmed that the Liberal government’s energy plan has cemented a future where Yukoners will be paying for rented diesel power generation into the 2030s in order to meet the territory’s increased energy needs.

The YUB report on the Atlin project raises concern about the Yukon’s energy future. On page 38 of the report issued on October 18, 2022, it says:

“In addition, YEC has not set up any RFP for new projects renewable or otherwise, and has not provided any evidence that it has moved forward on any of the renewable projects it identified in either its 2016 Resource Plan or 10-Year Renewable Electricity Plan.”

The Liberals energy plan is counting on an expansion to a British Columbia-based hydro generation plant in Atlin, not only to reach greenhouse gas emission targets but also to meet the territory’s energy needs. That project, which would add about 9 megawatts of power to the grid during the winter months, is now estimated at over $300 million, and is $60 million short in funding. It is also behind schedule. Another hydro project slated for Moon Lake has no timelines or funding.

In a recent media report, the Atlin project’s proponent confirms if government funders fail to cover the $60 million shortfall, the project is unlikely to proceed.

The YUB report also notes:

“In the Board’s opinion, had THELP not approached YEC regarding the Atlin project and potential EPA, YEC would not have had any other options regarding a resolution to its capacity shortfall.”

With a failing strategy to get any notable permanent renewable or thermal energy online, the Liberals are hurling the Yukon toward an energy cliff that locks in a future of renting diesel generators for at least the next decade.


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
(867) 689-7874

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