Liberal Government Out of Steam and Out of Ideas As Fall Sitting Begins

WHITEHORSE – It has been over eight months since a new Liberal premier took over what was already a tired and listless government. As the 2023 Fall sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly begins, Yukoners are seeing more of the same inaction from a Liberal government that is unwilling to listen.

“Yukoners hoped the new premier would bring some new ideas, new energy, and a new perspective to the table during the Spring sitting, and over the summer months,” said Leader Currie Dixon. “Unfortunately, we have seen none of that. Since Ranj Pillai became premier, we are seeing a government that has a lack of direction, a lack of purpose, and a government that is out of touch with Yukoners.”

Over the summer months, Yukon Party MLAs have been flooded with concerns from Yukoners. The top-of-mind issue is the Liberal government’s inaction when it comes to the cost of living.

“Yukoners are telling us they are barely able to put food on the table due to the rising cost of everything and are looking to the Liberal government for answers,” said Dixon. “The Liberals are failing Yukoners on a number of issues – including the cost of living. Yukoners are looking for action from this government, and the Liberals are not being responsive to their needs.”

Service reductions in rural Yukon, especially in health care, are diminishing the quality of life for people living outside of Whitehorse.

“This summer, the premier spent more time in India, Japan, Nova Scotia, and Ontario than rural Yukon,” added Dixon. “This is clearly a premier and a government that is checked out, and more interested in photo ops than governing. It is unfortunate that Kate White and the NDP keep propping up a Liberal government that is not working for Yukoners.”

“It’s time for an election.”


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
(867) 689-7874

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