Yukon Party Ready For 2021 General Election

On Friday, the Yukon Liberals announced that they are sending Yukoners to the polls in a snap election. The 2021 Yukon general election comes as Yukoners marked one year of a global pandemic on Thursday, and one week since the Liberals extended the State of Emergency for another 90 days without democratic oversight.

“Since vaccines arrived in the territory, the Liberals have been telling Yukoners that they were only focusing on the pandemic and the vaccination rollout,” said Yukon Party Leader Currie Dixon. “Now, with only 25 percent of Yukoners fully vaccinated, the Liberals have turned their attention away from the vaccination rollout and called a sudden election to focus their attention on their own political interests.”

While the vaccine rollout continues to be executed by the public service, Yukoners have expressed concerns about holding an election campaign during such an important public health exercise, especially after what happened a few weeks ago in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“With a massive vaccination rollout underway, a State of Emergency imposed for another 90 days, and no legislative spending authority beyond March 31, the Liberals have clearly put their own political interests above the needs and interests of Yukoners,” Dixon added. “By dissolving the Legislature today with an election call, the Liberals have created uncertainty and confusion for Yukoners, when what is needed now more than ever is strong leadership and clarity.”

Dixon, the Yukon Party team of candidates and dedicated volunteers are ready for the campaign. The Yukon Party is eager to provide Yukon citizens communities and businesses with clear, consistent and decisive action to help them through the pandemic and toward recovery. 

“In the past week alone, Yukoners have witnessed the Liberals waiver on their ‘A Path Forward’ plan, on their communication for the territory’s economic recovery, and the sudden shift on getting Grade 10 to 12 students back in full-time in-person class in Whitehorse all while being unable to explain their decisions,” Dixon said. “The Yukon Party team and I believe better is possible when it comes to responding to the needs of Yukoners and managing our economy and our social realities in the critical months and years ahead.”

Dixon and the Yukon Party team of candidates will be connecting with Yukoners via a variety of platforms during the campaign. To find out who the Yukon Party candidate is in your riding, and for more information, you can go to yukonparty.ca.

“The defining feature of this Liberal government has been the inability to get things done or make decisions,” finished Dixon. “On the eve of the election we have seen them rush through a number of announcements in a desperate attempt to change this perception. Yukoners do not want a government that squanders four and a half years. Yukoners want Action for a Change.”

Dixon will be launching the Yukon Party’s campaign Action for a Change on Monday, March 15 at 9:30 a.m. A further media advisory for Monday’s event will follow.




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