Yukon Party Pushes for Full Removal of Carbon Tax; Liberals Double Down

WHITEHORSE – With the Prime Minister’s announcement on October 26 of an exemption from the carbon tax on home heating oil, the Yukon Party Official Opposition is renewing its call for a carbon tax exemption for the North. The policy change is an admission by the federal Liberal government that the carbon tax is unaffordable and unfairly punishes Canadians for simply heating their homes to keep warm during the cold winter months.

Showing they continue to be out of touch, the territorial Liberals refuse to take action on the carbon tax to help Yukoners with the cost-of-living crisis. On Monday, the Yukon Party asked the premier and his Liberal government to explain why they did not press the federal government for Yukon-specific exemptions. This could have included an exemption for propane in addition to home heating oil. As well, the territorial Liberals could seek to exempt the North from the carbon tax altogether to help alleviate the increased cost of living.

Both the premier and his finance minister responded that they were disappointed in the move by the federal Liberal government. The territorial Liberals then doubled down on their support for a carbon tax, and said they do not support the removal of the carbon tax from home heating fuel.

“The territorial Liberals are now the only government in Canada that is continuing to support a carbon tax on home heating oil,” said leader Currie Dixon. “The federal Liberals have shown that carve-outs and exemptions on the carbon tax are now possible – but only if they are put under pressure. Now is the time for northern leaders to seek a permanent carbon tax exemption for the North, so Yukoners are not punished financially for simply living North of 60.”

The Yukon Party has been pushing for the removal of the carbon tax on all home heating fuel since the tax was introduced in 2018. This commitment was again made in the 2021 election platform. Also, the Yukon Legislative Assembly passed a motion last fall urging the government to lobby for the tax’s removal on heating fuel.


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