Yukon Energy Planning Further Rate Hike

WHITEHORSE – In addition to the General Rate Application (GRA) from ATCO Electric Yukon that is currently before the Yukon Utilities Board (YUB), the Yukon Party Official Opposition has learned that the Yukon Energy Corporation is planning an additional application of its own. In a letter filed with the YUB, the Yukon Energy Corporation has indicated that they are currently finalizing a new application and intend to file it in the coming weeks. According to the letter, the changes will affect customers’ power bills.

The Yukon Party Official Opposition is encouraging the Minister responsible for Yukon Energy to ensure that Yukon Energy’s GRA is timed in such a way as to allow the Yukon Utilities Board to review both applications concurrently. Given that both utilities will be seeking power rate increases, it is important that the Yukon Utilities Board can review the entire scope of what is being proposed by both utilities together.

The Yukon Utilities Board is tasked with considering the impact of power rates on customers. To date, it has not yet had the opportunity to consider some of the recent changes to the Liberal government’s energy strategy, including the plans to rent a growing fleet of diesel generators.

“In the spring, we asked the government to direct the YUB to review the Liberals’ long-term plan to rent a fleet of diesel generators,” said Energy, Mines and Resources Critic Scott Kent. “Thanks to the Liberals’ energy strategy, there will now be 22 rented diesels deployed throughout the Yukon this winter. Yukoners deserve to know how much the Ministers’ reliance on renting diesel generators will increase electricity rates, and when those power rate increases are expected.”

According to information provided by the Minister, the Liberal Government has spent more than $26 million on its growing fleet of rented diesel generators. The Yukon Utilities Board has not yet had a chance to analyze what impact this will have on Yukoners’ power bills. Additionally, the YUB has also raised concerns about the Atlin Hydro Project. In a review of that project in 2022, the board noted that the project could have an adverse effect on Yukoners’ power rates.


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
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