Uncertain Future: Liberals Out of Touch and Out of Ideas as Fall Sitting Closes

WHITEHORSE – The focus of the 2022 fall sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly for the Yukon Party Official Opposition was on the inflation crisis and the rising cost of living for Yukoners. Unfortunately, as their minds shifted to a leadership campaign, Liberal Ministers failed to provide adequate solutions or relief for Yukoners.

“As they grapple with the rising cost of living, Yukoners are looking to this Liberal government for any assistance,” said the Leader of the Official Opposition Currie Dixon. “Whether it was the rising cost of gasoline, diesel, firewood, and home heating fuel, the Liberals looked rudderless as they floundered to address these basic questions. The opposition parties were allowed to dictate priorities as ministers were distracted by the Premier’s looming retirement, and on who would take the job.”

The Yukon Party was able to pass motions in the Assembly urging the federal government to remove the carbon tax from home heating fuel, and to have the Premier seek the advice of the conflicts commissioner regarding a matter involving a former Minister.

The house passed a Yukon Party motion opposing the use of police resources to implement the federal government’s gun confiscation program. The party also supported the NDP’s bill to establish the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as a statutory holiday in the Yukon, with the caveat that government consultation identify an existing statutory holiday for removal to mitigate the impact on businesses.

The Official Opposition brought up the shortage of housing, teachers, educational supports, and health care professionals. By the lack of answers or action, it is evident the Liberals have no plan to address these shortages.

The Yukon Party also uncovered numerous capital projects that were both late and over budget including the Atlin Hydro Project and many housing and land development projects. The Official Opposition brought the issues of rural Yukon such as the closure of transfer stations to the floor of the house, and asked about concerns from the mining, tourism, and hunting communities.

Yukon Party MLAs will now return to their ridings and consult with their constituents as we approach the end of the coalition agreement between the territorial Liberals and NDP.


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
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