Territorial Liberals and NDP Vote to Increase Yukoners’ Cost-of-Living

WHITEHORSE – On Wednesday, the Yukon Legislative Assembly debated a motion from the Yukon Party Official Opposition asking the Speaker of the Yukon Legislative Assembly to write to the Prime Minister to request that the planned carbon tax increase for April 1 be scrapped.

The Liberals and NDP voted to support the carbon tax increase. All Yukon Party MLAs voted in favour of cancelling the planned increase. During debate on the motion, the Liberals were more concerned about standing up for the federal Liberal government, than for Yukoners. In their comments, territorial Liberal MLAs barely mentioned the crux of the issue – affordability and the cost of living crisis.

The motion, introduced by Kluane MLA Wade Istchenko, reads as follows:

THAT the Speaker of the Yukon Legislative Assembly transmit to the Prime Minister of Canada that it is the opinion of this House that the Government of Canada’s planned increase to the carbon tax on April 1, 2024 should be cancelled.

“Under the Liberal-NDP coalition, Yukoners struggled with the highest increase to the cost of living in the country for most of last year,” said Istchenko. “Scrapping the April 1 increase helps Yukoners afford everyday items. Instead, Yukoners are now being forced deeper into the cost-of-living crisis due to inaction from both the Liberals and the NDP.”


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
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