Territorial Liberal and NDP Coalition Ignores Yukon Contractors

WHITEHORSE – On Wednesday, the Yukon Party Official Opposition introduced a motion to exempt Yukon truck drivers from federal rules surrounding electronic logging devices (ELDs) when they conduct trips within Yukon borders. The Yukon’s local trucking contractors have highlighted the high costs and issues with installation of the ELDs, and requested the exemption, like exemptions made in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The motion reads as follows:

THAT this House urges the Government of Yukon to follow the direction of Alberta and Saskatchewan by allowing Yukon trucking companies the ability to continue using paper logs and be exempt from the costly use of electronic logging devices when they are not leaving the Yukon.

During debate, the Liberals demonstrated they are out of touch with the Yukon trucking industry, and the intent of the motion, by arguing for ELD use in long-haul trucking. Long-haul companies and trucks crossing provincial and territorial borders would continue to use ELDs as required by national standards, alongside paper logs.

The federal ELD regulation intends to target long-haul trucking, not add red tape to local services. It explicitly exempts trucks driving within a 160 km radius of where they start and finish the day, with unlimited mileage. Local Yukon companies should be able to benefit from the same intent, while acknowledging the larger radius for local service. Unfortunately, both the Liberals and NDP voted against this common-sense red-tape reduction and lower cost solution for local truckers and contractors.

“Common sense should allow Yukon companies to still operate without this added burden,” said Highways and Public Works Critic Stacey Hassard. “These units cost about $1,000, plus on average a $120 subscription fee per month. For a small local company who travels within the Yukon, this can be a burdensome cost, even when the truck is not operating.”


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
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