Statement from Leader Currie Dixon on Ottawa’s Clean Fuel Standard

“The Yukon Party Official Opposition supports the Atlantic Premiers’ fight for the federal Liberals to rethink the implementation of the Clean Fuel Regulations and address the rising cost of living for rural Canadians.

“The Yukon Party continues to oppose the federal carbon tax and push the territorial government to work with the other territories to at least seek an exemption on home heating fuel. To date the territorial Liberals have refused.

“The new Clean Fuel Standard is effectively a second federal carbon tax and the new standard will apply to fuel producers starting July 1. To comply with the regulations, producers will have to buy credits or lower the carbon content of their fuels.

“In a study released on May 18, 2023, the federal Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) indicated the regulations ‘will increase the price of gasoline and diesel in 2030—the year in which the CFR reach full stringency—by up to 17 cents per litre and 16 cents per litre, respectively.’

“This new Liberal carbon tax will not provide any offsets to Yukoners. It is more money straight out of our pockets.

“The PBO adds that relative to household disposable income, the new tax is broadly regressive and will disproportionately impact lower income households. The costs would cover a larger share of their disposable income compared to higher income households. In addition, the costs for rural jurisdictions will be much higher than urbanized jurisdictions.

“By 2030, the Liberal carbon tax plus the new standard will increase the cost of a litre of gasoline by up to 54.57 cents.

“Yukoners are already facing the highest rate of inflation in the country for the sixth month in a row.

“My Yukon Party Caucus colleagues and I will continue to push for new ideas so that Yukoners can afford to pay their bills, put food on the table, and live in the Yukon we call home.”


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