Statement from Critic Stacey Hassard on the North Klondike Highway Landslides

“Landslides on the North Klondike Highway have blocked off access to Dawson City via Canadian roadways. We have heard from residents who are seeking more information from the government on the impacts that this may have.

“As Yukoners know, our supply chain is fragile. Stores and suppliers in Dawson require regular road access for food, goods, and fuel to be shipped to the community. The member from Klondike and the Minister of Highways and Public Works need to adequately communicate with Dawson residents about this developing situation.

“Yukoners are well aware that the landslide in Whitehorse this spring took weeks to clear safely. There are legitimate concerns about the time that may be required to properly deal with multiple slides on the North Klondike.

“Timelines and any alternate plans to provide supply relief to Dawson residents need to be clearly communicated so residents know what to expect. Any stranded travelers also need to be aware of the situation in order to change their travel plans.

“I sincerely hope the situation can be resolved in a timely manner with minimal impact to residents in the Klondike.”


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