Ombudsman Contradicts Minister’s Claim about Safer Schools Action Plan

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition is disappointed that the Liberal government continues to fail parents and children by mishandling the response to recommendations for improving school safety

The Safer Schools Action Plan was developed by the government following the serious criminal actions of a former employee at Hidden Valley Elementary School.

The Minister of Education issued a press release in June 2023 claiming that the government had fully implemented the 23 action items in the Safer Schools Action Plan.

In a press release on February 27, the Ombudsman exposed the inaccuracy of the minister’s claims and found the government had met less than half of the recommendations in the plan. The Ombudsman stated his office had reviewed 19 of the Department of Education’s actions, and ‘found that less than half of them met the recommendations – eight fully met the recommendations, five partially met them, and six did not meet the recommendations or we were unable to determine due to a lack of information provided to us.’

The Ombudsman also takes issue with the Liberal government only accepting his recommendations ‘in principle’.

“In the months and years since the serious criminal actions by a former employee at Hidden Valley School became public, we heard repeatedly from parents and the school community that the Liberal government never provided proper support to families and staff,” said Lake Laberge MLA Brad Cathers. “This report from the Ombudsman shows that the Liberal government continues to fail families and made false claims about the actions taken in the wake of this very serious matter. Minister McLean and Premier Pillai need to listen to the Ombudsman, and promptly follow through on his request for a revised Action Plan that fully addresses his recommendations.”


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
(867) 689-7874

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