NDP Vote to Continue Landlord Assistance Program

WHITEHORSE – In the final hours of the Fall sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly, the Yukon Party Official Opposition introduced a motion to delete the new Landlord Assistance Program from the supplementary budget.

The program has received criticism from Yukon NGOs, the Yukon business community, and Yukoners as the wrong approach to deal with the housing crisis.

The Yukon NDP surprisingly opposed the Yukon Party motion and voted with the Liberals to keep the assistance program in place for landlords. Unlike other votes on the budget that the NDP committed to support in the Confidence and Supply Agreement, the motion was not a confidence motion.

The CASA agreement outlines that the NDP receives $270,000 dollars of direct funding from the Liberal cabinet to their caucus annually in return for the support of NDP MLAs.


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
(867) 689-7874

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