Legislative Assembly Urges Liberals Not To Use Resources For Firearms Confiscation

WHITEHORSE – A Yukon Party Official Opposition motion urging the Yukon government to ensure RCMP resources are not used to enforce the federal government’s gun confiscation program has passed.

The Yukon Legislative Assembly adopted the motion Wednesday afternoon with the support of Yukon Party and Yukon NDP MLAs.

The motion passed by the Legislative Assembly reads:

THAT this House urges the Yukon government to ensure that territorial policing resources are not diverted to assist in the implementation of the Government of Canada’s gun “buy-back” program.

Yukon Party Justice Critic Brad Cathers brought forward the motion. He noted that it is important to ensure that police resources are not diverted from focusing on organized crime and other serious public safety issues, and emphasized the need to respect licenced firearms owners, including people who depend on hunting to feed their families.

“The National Police Federation, which is the union representing RCMP members, has made it clear that the Trudeau government’s Order in Council prohibiting various firearms and the ‘buy-back’ program will divert police resources away from dealing with organized crime,” Cathers said. “RCMP members said the federal Liberal government’s firearms measures actually divert important personnel and resources from where they are needed most. We are happy the motion passed and hope the territorial government will respect the will of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.”

All Yukon Liberal government MLAs voted against the motion.


Tim Kucharuk
Media Director
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