Expanding Coverage of Shingrix Vaccine

A publicly-funded vaccine to help the prevention of shingles for Yukoners is now available. At present, the Yukon government only covers those aged 65 to 70 even though Health Canada recommends it be provided to everyone 50 and older. The Yukon Party will take Action for a Change to fix this.

A Yukon Party government will support all seniors, and all Yukon citizens recommended to get the Shingrix vaccine regardless of age by providing coverage for this important vaccine consistent with Health Canada recommendations.

In 2017, Health Canada approved the vaccine and recommended the vaccine should be available to all Canadians aged 50 and older

“This move to publicly fund the Shingrix vaccine for those 50 years and older will be welcome in my community of Watson Lake, and all across the territory,” said Watson Lake candidate Patti McLeod. “This vaccine will improve health outcomes for Yukoners while ensuring they do not have to worry about paying out of pocket.”

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