A Made-in-Yukon Carbon Pricing System

The federal carbon pricing system is mandated by federal law and deemed constitutional.

A Yukon Party government will therefore explore a ‘Made-in-Yukon’ carbon pricing system from Ottawa to increase the territory’s self-determination and better reflect the realities of living and working in the North.

“The current government worked hand-in-glove with Canada to impose a ‘Made-in-Ottawa’ carbon tax on Yukoners and unfortunately this meant that the Yukon did not get the best deal possible,” said Yukon Party Leader Currie Dixon. “While we have never agreed with the Liberal government’s carbon pricing regime, now that the law is here, we should implement it in a way that reflects our Northern realities and ensure that decisions affecting the Yukon are made right here in the territory by Yukoners.”

To ensure that the federally mandated carbon pricing system reflects our Northern realities, a Yukon Party government will:

  • Push for changes to our carbon pricing system to add exemptions that reflect our northern climate, livelihoods, culture, and economy. This will include:

    • Exempting home heating fuel, the same way the NWT was able to have negotiated in its carbon tax, as heating your homes in the Yukon is not a luxury. This will make life more affordable and not punish someone for simply keeping their home warm when it is -40 Celsius.

    • Reviewing the impact of the federal carbon tax on the price of groceries and essential goods to ensure adequate measures are being taken to support Yukoners and address affordability.

  • Return revenue to Yukoners and keep the quarterly carbon tax rebates in place as administered by the Canada Revenue Agency.

“If the federal government cannot accommodate Yukoners’ interests, we will examine displacing the federal backstop with a ‘Made-in-Yukon’ carbon pricing system established under territorial legislation,” added Dixon. “We will pursue a similar path as our northern neighbours the N.W.T. has followed to put their citizens interests and needs above those of Ottawa.”

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