Support for Forestry Sector

The Yukon’s forests are an invaluable natural asset that provide a wealth of environmental benefits and recreational options. They are also a critical renewable resource that can create jobs and strengthen the economy. With lumber prices surging across the country because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Yukon has an opportunity to benefit economically.

“As it stands, the Yukon isn’t making the most of our forestry resources,” said Yukon Party Candidate for Watson Lake Patti McLeod. “Why are we still importing what we need for biomass energy from outside the territory? We will expand our forestry industry and prioritize adding value to our products.”

In order to optimize the Yukon’s advantage and grow the forestry industry, a Yukon Party government will:

  • Use targeted harvesting to reduce wildfire risk in and around Yukon communities.
  • Develop a Yukon Forestry Strategy to support value-added products for timber.
  • Make regulatory improvements to support the growth of the Yukon’s biomass energy industry.

The Yukon Party government will also engage Yukon First Nations and Yukon First Nations Wildfire to expand their involvement in the management and mitigation of wildfire risks in the territory.

“Combining First Nations’ traditional knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, Yukon First Nations Wildfire is one of the territory’s greatest success stories,” added McLeod. “In addition to making Yukon communities safer, this partnership will create jobs and provide valuable skills training to Yukoners.”

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