Slow Down, Move Over Legislation

A Yukon Party government is committed to the safety and security of all Yukoners and to help achieve this, will immediately develop legislation to increase road and highway safety if elected on Monday, April 12.

The Yukon Party team is the only party offering to provide Yukoners with Action for a Change, which includes the introduction of Slow Down, Move Over legislation.

“In March 2019, in our role as the Official Opposition, we brought forward a motion for debate in the Yukon Legislative Assembly urging the current government to introduce ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ legislation,” said Lake Laberge Candidate Brad Cathers. “This legislation will increase road and workplace safety for our territory’s first responders, tow truck operators, road construction crews and others, as well as the Yukoners they assist along the side of the road.”

The motion at that time, which would be developed into legislation reads:

THAT This House urges the Yukon Government to develop ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ Legislation similar to what is in place in B.C., which would require motorists to slow down and move over for all vehicles stopped alongside the road that have flashing red, blue or yellow lights.

In 2019, the current government amended the motion to delay any action on the file for at least one year and it completely stalled in the ensuing two years of their mandate.

“The Yukon Party team will take action quickly to improve safety for first responders, construction crews, and others by introducing this targeted legislation if we are elected to government,” added Cathers.

The Yukon is the only jurisdiction besides Nunavut without legislation of this kind.

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