Yukon Party Membership at Record Numbers

April 27, 2020


WHITEHORSE – On April 9th the deadline to sign up as a member of the Yukon Party and be eligible to vote in the leadership election closed. Over the last several weeks, volunteers have been finalizing and auditing all the paperwork.

Final membership numbers are almost 1600 – a record amount of members for any territorial party during a leadership race. This massive increase in numbers represent an over 700% increase in members compared to last year.

“With memberships skyrocketing over the last several months it is clear there is an excitement around the Yukon Party’s future,” said Stacey Hassard interim leader of the Yukon Party. “Over the last 3 and a half years Yukoners have become disappointed with the current government’s indecisiveness and lack of leadership. Our leadership election will soon present Yukoners with a positive and hopeful alternative to choose in the next election.”

The Yukon Party’s leadership race will close on May 23rd. Voting will take place between May 15th to May 23rd and will only be conducted online and over the phone with no in-person voting.

The leadership contestants are Linda Benoit, Brad Cathers, and Currie Dixon.


For more information, please contact Mark Beese, Yukon Party President at president@yukonparty.ca

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