Yukon Party Appeals to ‘Axe the Carbon Tax’

Whitehorse, Yukon – The Yukon Party launched a new initiative today in defiance of the Yukon Liberal government’s support for the carbon tax, which will be levied on Yukoners as of July 1.

The campaign; ‘Axe the Carbon Tax’, asks Yukoners to support the party’s fight against the carbon tax by donating $43.00 to the party.

This figure reflects the amount individuals in the territory will be returned this October via the government’s rebate scheme and will be used to support real action to address climate change without a massive new tax.

The Yukon Party has always opposed the territorial Liberal’s carbon tax as wealth redistribution and is critical of this government’s lack of vision regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Non-government organizations will not be receiving a rebate and small business will have to pay 100 per cent of the carbon tax out of pocket and wait until the end of the year to claim any credit, if they are even eligible,” said Yukon Party President Mark Beese.

“As we all know very well, living, working and investing in our territory is already far more expensive than down south and with yet another tax on Yukoners we believe the Yukon Liberals are harming Yukoners’ quality of life and their ability to do and attract business.”

The Yukon Party believes an approach that includes investments in energy retrofits, support for both commercial and residential energy-saving incentives, electric vehicles for the government fleet and increased investments in green and renewable energy solutions would be more effective to address climate change than a tax.

The ‘Axe the Carbon Tax’ campaign will be online

at www.yukonparty.ca until October 30.


Media Inquiries:

Amanda Leslie

C: 867.334.4770

E: amanda@amandaleslie.ca

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