Liberals Stack the Deck in Their Favour on Electoral Reform

WHITEHORSE – The Liberals have launched a flawed and biased electoral reform process that excludes the other elected political parties of the Legislative Assembly.

The Official Opposition has a number of concerns with this process.

First, the Liberals launched a biased online survey that did not ask Yukoners if they are satisfied with how we currently elect our governments, or if they even want change at all. The entire survey was framed to suggest that changes are required, rather than waiting to hear whether Yukoners want change.

Second, the Liberals have indicated that they alone will be selecting and appointing the members for the electoral reform commission.

Third, the Liberals developed the terms of reference for the electoral reform commission without involving the other elected political parties.

Finally, according to the terms of reference, disagreements by the commission will be resolved by the Deputy Minister of the Executive Council Office, who serves at the pleasure of the Premier.

All this adds up to the Liberals designing and stacking the deck for an electoral reform process that will give them the results that they want.

Changing the way we cast a ballot is a major change to our democracy and could alter the weight and the meaning of how each of our votes translate into how we are governed.

When you change the rules of democracy, everyone should get a say.

The Liberals must commit to this principle and to holding a referendum before changing the way Yukoners vote.

Contact: Madison Pearson Communications (867) 393-7026

#ElectionVoting #BiasedSurvey #NotHeard

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