Public Service Pledge

The Yukon Party’s plan to provide Yukoners with Action for a Change includes a clear pledge to work effectively and respectfully with the professional public service in order to deliver successful outcomes for all Yukoners.

The Yukon Party team understands and respects the indispensable role public servants play in designing and delivering services to their fellow Yukoners. Their invaluable advice and expertise are essential to enable the territorial government to successfully deliver on its commitments.  

“A Yukon Party government will respect the skills, expertise, dedication, and non-partisan nature of our valued professional public service,” said Mount Lorne-Southern Lakes Candidate Eric Schroff. “We will focus on listening to their expert advice, making clear decisions and providing them with the tools necessary to take action and successfully deliver projects and programs.”

In order to achieve this, a Yukon Party government will commit to:

  • Fostering an overall climate of collaboration and respect; recognizing the experience and expertise within the public service, as well as the proficiency and continuity provided to the Yukon.
  • Respecting the independence of the public service by enabling public servants to remain neutral and non-partisan within their professional realms.
  • Maintaining a clear separation and barrier between the political level and the territorial government’s hiring process.
  • Learning from the challenges public servants may have encountered and openly listening to new ideas and proposed solutions.
  • Prioritizing the tools and supports required to enable the public service to effectively deliver services to Yukon citizens, businesses, and communities.
  • Holding the government accountable as a fair and supportive employer.

“The Yukon Party team brings together a slate of candidates who collectively contribute decades of experience in Cabinet and within the public sector,” added Schroff. “We understand the current challenges faced by public service professionals and their vital role in the effective functioning of the territory.”

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