Educator Tax Credit

As part of the Yukon Party’s Action for a Change plan for education, the party is pledging to give educators more of a break at tax time.

Education Recovery Plan

The pandemic has hit students, families, and teachers hard. Students are not only dealing with the stress of the pandemic but also trying to navigate the process of getting an education that is usually delivered in-person.

Infrastructure Recovery Plan

The party’s commitment to vital infrastructure investment and providing certainty and planning for our transport links to benefit all Yukoners - urban and rural, residential, and commercial. 

A Vision For Economic Diversification

Our economy has been hit hard by the pandemic and unemployment has grown significantly. The economic recovery of the territory will be the primary challenge for a new Yukon government. While short-term relief is required to help businesses survive, it has become clear that fresh and bold new action is required to diversify and make our economy more resilient.

Yukon Party to Provide Action for a Change

The Yukon Party is beginning the first full week of the 2021 territorial election campaign by unveiling the framework of its platform Action for a Change.

Policy Series: Education Recovery

While the financial and economic costs of the COVID-19 pandemic have been widely discussed and cannot be understated, I believe we also need to pay more attention to the impacts on students and young people in the territory. From children who are preschool age, to school age, to young adults recently graduating, heading to university or entering the workforce, the impacts have been diverse and profound.

Policy Series: Economic Recovery

The most recent labour force data released by the Yukon Bureau of Statistics last week paints a startling picture of the state of Yukon’s private sector economy. Compared to January of 2020, our labour force has shrunk and unemployment has grown. If adjusted to account for COVID-19, the Bureau tells us that unemployment would be a staggering 9.3 per cent.

Improving Democratic Oversight

During the course of the pandemic the Yukon Liberal government has hidden from accountability and refused to allow for any democratic oversight of their actions.

Electoral Reform

The Yukon Party is committed to improving transparency and accountability in Yukon politics while strengthening our democracy

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