Plan to Support Small Business

As part of the Yukon Party’s platform to provide Yukoners with Action for a Change and a clear path forward toward economic recovery, Leader Currie Dixon is unveiling his plan to support small business through the Red Tape Modernization Action Plan.

Supporting Yukoners With Type 1 Diabetes

The Yukon Party team has long advocated for improved supports for Yukoners living with Type 1 Diabetes. A Yukon Party government will continue the party’s commitment to those living with T1D through our Action for a Change platform. We want to help citizens of all ages, and in all communities in the territory, living with this life-threatening auto immune disease.

Supporting Healthy Beginnings

As part of the Yukon Party’s plan to provide Yukoners with Action for a Change we are unveiling another plank to support healthy families.

Green Energy Solutions

The Yukon Party is committed to fighting climate change and ensuring the territory develops a portfolio of renewable energy sources and programs.

Addressing Mental Wellness

The Yukon Party team recognizes how the pandemic has highlighted the need for improved supports for Yukoners’ mental health and well-being. The party will implement measures and programs to address this, including action, surrounding the territory’s opioid crisis.

Yukoners want a government that will take Action for a Change to help improve the lives of Yukoners and provide greater and government accountability and the Yukon Party is ready to govern.

“We recognize that immediate action is needed today on behalf of Yukoners facing mental wellness issues,” said Yukon Party Leader Currie Dixon. “We will bring a new approach and provide additional resources to help address the emotional toll many Yukoners are facing because of, and prior to, the pandemic.”

In order to help support Yukoners’ mental wellness, a Yukon Party government will:

  • Expand the availability of telehealth and virtual mental wellness and addictions services.
  • Review the rural mental health hubs model to ensure suitable staffing and resources are provided.
  • Increase the availability of community-based mental health supports and providers by encouraging rural and Indigenous Yukoners to enter health and social services careers.
  • Commence the construction of a new Secure Medical Unit at Whitehorse General Hospital and ensure adequate training and protocols are in place.
  • As announced on March 21, we would also improve the delivery of psychology services by introducing a regulatory framework for psychology in the Yukon.
  • Work with Yukon First Nations governments and Canada to fund a rural, on-the-land mental health and substance treatment centre, which incorporates:
  • Clinical and traditional/cultural approaches, including land-based healing.
  • Strong links with community and cultural healing resources for pre and post-treatment.
  • The development and governance, in partnership with Yukon First Nations governments and citizens.
  • Accessibility of services to all Yukoners.


“Uncertainties from the COVID-19 pandemic have also highlighted the need to prioritize our children’s social and emotional wellbeing,” added Dixon.

In order to help support mental wellness for children, a Yukon Party government will:

  • Target supports for youth in the most vulnerable demographics.
  • Ensure appropriate supports are in place to help affected parents and families.
  • Provide mental health supports in the territory’s schools, with the goal of providing “same-day” response.
  • Employ the power of sport and arts and culture to foster a sense of purpose and to help improve the resilience of young Yukoners.
  • Implement effective preventative approaches to mental health and substance use prevention for children and youth, through successful programs such as the Planet Youth model.
  • Monitor the mental health needs and outcomes for all children as a way to improve and measure success.

“Working together, we can collectively provide for our children’s healthy development and help mitigate negative impacts which could result as our young Yukoners reach adulthood,” said Dixon.

Universal Childcare Plan

The Yukon Party has a comprehensive action plan to improve the early childhood education system and provide universal support to all parents regardless of the type of childcare they choose for their children.

Expanding Coverage of Shingrix Vaccine

A publicly-funded vaccine to help the prevention of shingles for Yukoners is now available. At present, the Yukon government only covers those aged 65 to 70 even though Health Canada recommends it be provided to everyone 50 and older. The Yukon Party will take Action for a Change to fix this.

Regulating Psychology

As part of the Yukon Party’s commitment to improved mental wellness for Yukoners throughout the territory, Leader Currie Dixon will work with the Psychological Society of Yukon to introduce a regulatory framework for these critical healthcare providers.

Low Carbon Economy

Nowhere is the connection between the environment and the economy more apparent than when it comes to climate change. Significant investments in energy efficiency retrofits have created a growing industry that not only reduces greenhouse gases but creates more economic opportunities and jobs.

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