Public Accounts Reveal Concerning Issues with the Yukon’s Finances

WHITEHORSE – In advance of Friday’s hearing of the Public Accounts Committee, Yukon Party Finance critic Brad Cathers highlighted troublesome information that paints a concerning picture of the territory’s finances stemming from the 2022-2023 Public Accounts. The delayed document was required by law to be tabled by October 31st, but the Liberals and the finance minister broke the Financial Administration Act by tabling it almost a month late.

NDP Vote to Continue Landlord Assistance Program

WHITEHORSE – In the final hours of the Fall sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly, the Yukon Party Official Opposition introduced a motion to delete the new Landlord Assistance Program from the supplementary budget.

Yukon Party Pushes Issues that Matter to Yukoners in Fall Sitting

WHITEHORSE –The Yukon Party Official Opposition used the 28-day 2023 fall sitting of the Yukon Legislative Assembly to seek solutions for the many issues that are affecting Yukoners. The Liberal government was unwilling to even acknowledge many of the issues raised by Yukoners and continued to appear out of new ideas and out of touch with the reality people are facing.

Yukon Party Sounds the Alarm on Developing Health Care Crisis

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition is urging the Premier to step in and address the many issues crippling the health care system before it completely collapses. It has become clear to Yukoners that the Minister of Health and Social Services refuses to listen to the concerns provided by communities, health care partners, and professionals. Everyone involved in health care is paying the price.

Million Dollar-Plus Electoral Reform Citizens’ Assembly Out of Touch With Yukoners

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition believes the time, staff, and financial resources being directed to the Yukon Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform (YCA) would be better prioritized addressing the many challenges facing Yukoners. The YCA is a product of the Liberal-NDP Confidence and Supply Agreement. (CASA)

Premier Must Clarify Flip-Flop on Carbon Tax

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition is asking the premier to confirm the territorial Liberals’ stance on the federal government’s carbon tax exemption on home heating oil, and if he will seek a full carbon tax exemption for the North.

Get School Bus Driver Licensing Done: YP

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party Official Opposition is requesting the Liberal government prioritize school bus driver testing exams. The Yukon Party has brought this issue to the floor of the legislature twice this Fall after hearing the school bus contractor has two drivers ready for the road, but both cannot get the required final road test until December.

Yukon Party Pushes for Full Removal of Carbon Tax; Liberals Double Down

WHITEHORSE – With the Prime Minister’s announcement on October 26 of an exemption from the carbon tax on home heating oil, the Yukon Party Official Opposition is renewing its call for a carbon tax exemption for the North. The policy change is an admission by the federal Liberal government that the carbon tax is unaffordable and unfairly punishes Canadians for simply heating their homes to keep warm during the cold winter months.

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