Low Carbon Economy

Nowhere is the connection between the environment and the economy more apparent than when it comes to climate change. Significant investments in energy efficiency retrofits have created a growing industry that not only reduces greenhouse gases but creates more economic opportunities and jobs.

“Investments in low-carbon construction will spur economic growth, while making the Yukon a leader in combating climate change,” said Currie Dixon Leader of the Yukon Party. “But investing in buildings is not enough. To truly unlock the industry’s economic benefits, we need to invest in people. That’s why a Yukon Party government will work with industry and experts to support upskilling the current workforce as well as attracting more people to work in the sector.”

To do this a Yukon Party government will:

  • Develop, test and measure new approaches to green building and low-carbon skillsets required for traditional construction-related professions transitioning to the low-carbon economy.
  • Ensure that existing infrastructure investments integrate green building standards and are utilized for on-the-job upskilling.
  • Ramp up workforce development initiatives and programs to ensure the Yukon is prepared to benefit from the job-creating opportunities offered by constructing and retrofitting energy efficient buildings.

The Yukon Party will also continue with current energy retrofit investments as part of its plan to mitigate the effects of climate change, while also creating jobs.

“Canada has set a goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, and I believe the territory can and should do its part to help our country meet this goal,” added Dixon. “While our cold climate means that our territory will require fossil fuels to produce reliable energy back up for the foreseeable future, it is incumbent on us to reduce this need through investments like this.”

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