The Yukon Party was founded and is guided

in its policy formation by these principles:

  1. Individual freedom, the rule of law and equality of opportunity for all Yukon residents within a strong and united Canada.
  2. Education and training to equip Yukon residents with the skills necessary to prepare them for jobs, responsible citizenship and life-long learning.
  3. High quality health care for all Yukon residents alongside a strong social safety net to support those in need, while encouraging individual self-sufficiency.
  4. Open, accountable, fiscally responsible governance which fosters respect and cooperation among all levels of government.
  5. Responsible development of Yukon’s natural resources, in conjunction with Yukon First Nations, to provide maximum benefit to residents of Yukon and Canada as a whole while respecting Yukon’s heritage, resources and environment.
  6. Policies, programs, regulations, legislation and budgets that promote job creation, growth and diversification of the private sector economy.
  7. Elected representatives who demonstrate leadership, ethical conduct and act with integrity and honesty in the best interest of the people they serve.
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