Freezing Power Rates

As part of the Yukon Party’s plan to provide Yukoners with Action for a Change, Leader Currie Dixon announced today the Yukon Party will take action to make life more affordable for Yukoners. In recent years shocking energy price increases have made it more difficult for Yukoners to afford heating their homes.

To address this, a Yukon Party government will freeze power rates for two years to help increase affordability for Yukoners. This includes stopping the proposed energy rate increase of 11.5 percent planned under the current government.

“Over the last four years, Yukoners have seen their electricity bills increase at alarming rates that has made life more expensive and more difficult,” said Dixon. “This year power rates are set to increase by 11.5 per cent alone. In 2019, they rose by 11.8 per cent. This is unsustainable for Yukoners and we need to take action to support families and support the territory’s economic recovery.”

While this occurs, a Yukon Party government will continue to take action to reduce emissions and invest in green energy while supporting Yukon Energy and coming up with a longer-term plan to ensure life remains affordable. This will include:

  • Freezing power rates for two years.
  • Working with Yukon Energy to stabilize the corporation’s budget and ensure it is adequately resourced.
  • Launching a review to depoliticize the territory’s rate application process and make rate applications more predictable, manageable, and affordable.
  • Increasing transparency for energy costs so Yukoners understand why rates increase.

“The Yukon Party will make life more affordable and predictable for Yukon families and businesses by eliminating the alarming rate swings, which have become common in recent years,” added Dixon.


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