Educator Tax Credit

As part of the Yukon Party’s Action for a Change plan for education, the party is pledging to give educators more of a break at tax time.

We know teachers sometimes must cover school expenses out of their own pocket, whether it be for supplies for an ambitious project, the purchase of software for educational support, or simply a book that proves popular in the classroom or daycare. Teachers and early childhood educators do this out of the dedication to the students rather than the expectation of being reimbursed.

That is why the Yukon Party will provide teachers and early childhood educators a new tax credit to claim if they have out of pocket expenses for teaching supplies.

Eligible teachers will be able to claim up to $1,000 per year for qualifying supplies. That would result in up to $150 back into the pockets of educators. Combined with the federal tax credit, that means educators can claim up to $2,000 per year and get a $300 rebate.

“This credit is one way that we as a Yukon Party government can demonstrate our support to the commitment and dedication of educators,” said Riverdale South candidate Cynthia Lyslo. "My mother is a retired teacher, so I know how much she spent every year of her own money and time because she was so dedicated to her students. Many educators put in extra hours and their own resources with no expectation of being reimbursed, but because they want their students to have the best learning experience possible."

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