Addressing Dawson City’s Daycare Needs

The Yukon Party has announced that if elected they would work to increase childcare spaces in Dawson City. 

The Yukon Party’s Action Plan contains a clear commitment to work with the Little Blue Daycare to determine the community’s needs for childcare spaces and then develop options for an expansion or a new facility.

The Little Blue Daycare has just 20 childcare spots and a current waitlist of 33 kids.

“One of the reasons I voted for Sandy last time was because he promised that if elected, he would get Little Blue Daycare a new building,” said Charlie Dagostin Yukon Party Candidate for Klondike. “Unfortunately, this was not followed through with and our community can’t wait anymore. It’s time for action.”

This builds on another element of the Yukon Party’s Action Plan to create a non-taxable Yukon Universal Childcare Benefit of $500 per child per month for every child up to age 5 and $100 per child per month from every child aged 6 to 10. This will ensure life is more affordable for families and leaves no child behind.

According to the most recent statistics Dawson City has 216 children under the age of 10.

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